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It’s not often that a business partnership between two world-class consultant companies can lay claim to being greater than the sum of its parts, but in the case of the Oceania Sciences Group it is exactly what’s happened. Prior to forming the Oceania Scientific Group, the partners were seen as the consultants’ consultants. This is not mere exaggeration, just plain fact.

The business was formally amalgamated from IHAconsult and GDA Consult Pty Ltd due to the fact that the businesses had been working together for many years, and it was a natural progression to combine the talents of both businesses in 2015.

Oceania Sciences International is headquartered in Melbourne, and Oceania Sciences PNG is in Port Moresby. Affiliated offices are in Hobart, Perth, Cairns, Lae and Nelson. The bulk of their operations are committed to offshore projects as far away as Turkey and across to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea to Fiji. Apart from competitor clients, their direct clients include the world’s biggest mining companies, NGOs, governments and heads of state.

Oceania Sciences Group offer a wide range of high-level field work including commercial projects in the areas of technical and strategic due diligence, environmental impact analytics, equipment hardware sales, community and social impact studies and all conducted over the last forty years.

The business offers innovative services for the field collection of marine, hydrological, sediment transport and ecological data, followed by data processing, assessment and reporting and advocacy.