The Oceania Sciences International Group - global expertise in oceanography and hydrology.


what we do

Oceania Sciences Group and its affiliates have vast experience that covers the multitude of investigations and tasks as described below:

Project management of multi-disciplinary investigations in both marine and river environments.

Oceanography, including for Deep Sea Tailings Placement investigations.

Hydrographic survey – single beam and multi-beam echo sounders, side scan and sub-bottom analysis.

Deep seabed sampling and categorisations.

Acoustic seabed classifications.

Bio-acoustic measurement of fish and plankton in the water column.

Particle size analysis and reporting.

A range of water quality analysis via our field portable laboratory facilities including:

  • Ultra-trace metal analysis (PDV field analysers).
  • Particle size analysis (laser diffraction) and XRF classification (Niton portable XRF analyser).
  • Acute toxicity screening (Microtox M500) and a range of general water quality parameters.

Seabed mapping – geological and habitat in both 2D and 3D interpretations.

Marine sedimentation analysis.

Application of ADCP technology to measure ocean currents, waves, sediments, stream discharge and sediment load.

Assessment of benthic fauna.

Coral reef surveys.

Reef fish assessments and sampling.

Deep ocean fish sampling.

Monitoring of river discharge, sediment load and water quality.

Meteorological patterns in terms of ocean effects.

Stream fauna survey.

Eco-toxicity assessments.

Impact analysis for Environmental Impact Assessment.

Numerical modelling of ocean and river transport processes and dispersion analysis.

Geographical Information Services and Visualisation of multi-source data.