The Oceania Sciences International Group - global expertise in oceanography and hydrology.

It's another world down here.

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Beneath the waterline is our domain

While you may know what's happening on the land, under the water it's a different matter. 
The Oceania Sciences International Group perform marine and freshwater investigations for mining, government and other corporations globally. This includes river, lake and deep sea oceanography and seabed studies for integrated physical, biological and geochemical impact assessments, as well as long-term geospatial impact history analysis, environmental and social impact studies through to data analysis, reporting, government consultation and permitting. Investigations also involve fluvial, reef and seabed morphology, classification of seabed and water column habitats with ground-truth support data, through to 3D mapping. We work and perform in many of the world’s most sensitive underworld environments including shallow reef to the depths of the ocean floor. It’s here that our world starts. With our partners, our work has spanned the globe from Australia to Turkey, and the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

It's another world down here...you simply can't ignore it. 

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The Oceania Sciences International Group - global expertise in oceanography, hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport, environmental geochemistry and more.